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It’s easy to install our TV Streams APP on your mobile device. Start watching every channel right at your finger tips.

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Install our SmartAPP right on your mobile device. TV Streams Now IPTV

IOS is currently getting a new application updated. We will have this available in the next few days.

Its very easy to install on your Android Mobile Phone. Get the link below, install the application but make sure you change the setting “Unknown sources” which will allow the installation of our application to run on your device.

Enter one of the 3 codes given to you which you can also find in the My Account Tab and your done, enjoy!


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Our customers have the ability to put our application on almost any program at affordable prices.

Perfect time to watch it on your Tablet. 


Maximize your Streaming on any Windows or Mac Platform with our easy installation application.

Now you can be completely mobile with TV Streams for PC/Mac. 

Just one of the ways to watch TV Streams, can I get a woot woot?

  1. Install the App by following the link below.
  2. Find and use one of the codes in your Account.
  3. Click OK and start Streaming live television.

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Available on Android TV’s
watch over 500 Channels

We make this easy to install. Just install our easy to use app on any Android Smart TV. To activate the app just use one of your codes given to you in your iptv streams subscriptions Tab. Click OK and your live! Enjoy!!

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Amazon Fire TV 3 and Fire OS 6 support sideloading apps like TV Streams Now

This is really no different than any other installation onto previous Amazon Fire TV devices. Here we will walk you through some easy steps so you can install our app.

  1. In settings go to Device and you need to turn on Apps from Unknown Sources.

2. Now that you have the ability to have sideloaded apps on your Fire TV it’s time to install the Downloader App. So click the search icon and start typing Downloader and select to install.

iptv streams subscriptions

3. Open up the Downloader App and type this URL to run the application and install the TV Streams Now App. http://tvsn.vip/apps/tvs.2.0.apk

4. Install the TV Streams App and once you run the program for the first time you will need to enter your code provided to you in the email we sent you or look in My Account. See, that wasn’t hard at all.

Need more information check out our faqs page.

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