• Frequently Asked Questions

What Sports Channels do you get?

Big sports fan? We got you covered from NFL Football, MLB Baseball, Auto Racing, Tennis, Soccer or even UFC you can watch it all with TV Streams Now.Your Subscription Includes NFL Network®, NFL RedZone®, MLB Network®, And ESPN Game Plan puts you right in the action. We even include at no additional cost 2 PPV Channels, UK Channels, and Spanish Programing, everything for only $25.00 per month.

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What IPTV Channels Are Included?

There are currently over 500 channels offered with TV Streams Now! All for only $25/Mo
Here are some of our customer favorites!
TV Streams Now Favorite Channels

How Much Does TV Streams Now Cost?

After the free trial TV Streams Now is only $25 per month for over 500+ channels plus all the sports packages. Three codes are available with the paid service that can be used on three devices at same location/IP. You can buy iptv subscription in 1mo, 6mo, or 12mo, packages. The higher the months of subscription you sign up for the more you save.

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How Do I Get A Free Trial?

Register an account here, make sure to enter complete info. (Please note: if there’s missing/incorrect information, your free trial order might sit on “pending” status and will not push through)

Go to https://store.tvstreamsnow.com/ and checkout FREE TRIAL! No credit card needed!

You will receive an email with code, otherwise go back to MY ACCOUNT and you will instantly see the codes and credential for 3 devices FREE for 3 days!

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What devices can run the TV Streams app?

Android box  5.1 or higher, android phones or tablets & set top boxes (SP-110). Amazon FireBox & Fire Stick, Nvidia shield, KODI and more.  We also have apps that will work on MACBOOK and Windows pc!

Additional Info

Unfortunately, we don’t have apps yet for ROKU or XBOX but we will release version SOON that will work on IOS!

Can I use my Smart TV?

Yes! You can use and enjoy the service using your Smartv IF it runs Android OS.

Otherwise, you will need media device (where to install the apps) and connect to your TV.

How to install Apps?

We strongly recommend buying our SETPlex Top Box for each room for the best experience. If you want to install our apps on your own device these options are below.

Compatible devices for the SET app

Android box  5.1 or higher, android phones or tablets & set top boxes. Amazon FireBox & Fire Stick, Nvidia shield and more.  We also have apps that will work on MACBOOK and Windows pc!

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Determine what device you are trying to install the app. Please refer to following appropriate installer:

1. Android Box, Invidia Shield and Amazon Firestick – http://tvsn.vip/apps/app.2.131.apk

2. Windows Apps –

3. Android Phone & Tablet –http://tvsn.vip/apps/app.2.131.apk

4. Mag 254/256 – Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_pa8l_h2WI. After you install our TV Streams Now app send an email to [email protected] the mac and serial of the device and we will configure in our system.

5. Mac Pc App : http://tvsn.vip/apps/mac.2.0.2.dmg

Additional Info

For Mac/Windows apps will prompt you to enter credential but it will automatically activate your available code. Android Devices Cp/Tablet will ask you to enter code. All 3 devices can be use simultaneously using the same IP.

Device Codes: Unused Device Link Codes will expire after a period of time for security reasons. To get a fresh code simply login to the store, go to My Account and select RENEW and the Expired Device Code will be refreshed. Device Code Expiration is not related to when your subscription expires. Window/Mac device are counted as 1 device.


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