This is the process to get your Mag box working. Please read each step carefully.

Step 1: Open STB Emulator (STBemu pro)

Step 2: Hold down the okay button on your remote, and select profiles. Name the profile TVStreams or whatever you prefer

Step 3: Once you have your profile named, go back to settings and select portal settings

You will want to enter the Portal URL (

Step 4: Once your portal URL is entered, back out one time, then go into STB configuration

In here you will apply the final 2 remaining settings to get your portal up and running

First, while in STB configuration, select STB model and choose MAG 254 

Lastly, you will want to edit your mac address. For this part, it depends on how your STB is setup…if you are using the default Mac you wont have to change this, but if you use a generated mac address, you will want to change your mac address to match the one that was assigned to your account.

While under STB configuration, select mac address and input your mac, if applicable. 

Once all this is done, close out your STB emulator completely, then open it again…..if you followed all steps correctly, your portal will load. Enjoy